Dr. Larry Mueller is a pioneering physician who has the longest and most in-depth experience of any medical professional who served in the conflict areas of Burma. He has donated significant professional time over the last twenty years working in the Thai-Burmese border areas. Whether directly treating IDPs or refugees in the border zones with his surgical skill or training medics, he is the most revered doctor in these areas and is considered an angel. Dr. Mueller is a brilliant surgeon who is flexible, inventive and, above all, able to operate successfully in remote locations with very little support. Through his own surgeries and the training that he has imparted to our medics, Dr. Mueller has saved hundreds of lives and had a direct impact on healing and improving the lives of thousands more.

– David Eubank
Founder and Director
Free Burma Rangers

I have read through your book and am really inspired by all the works that you have done for the Karen people. The book that you have written will bring great understanding for people and foreigners who want to help out, especially those who are sympathetic to the causes and needy people who still lack many things. It is a blessing to us that we have someone like you who helped to bring humanitarian assistance to the remote areas in order to spread the gospel and make things better for others. Thank you for all the works that you have done for our Karen people and other ethnic groups.

Major General Nerdah BoMya
Chief of Staff
Karen National Defense Organization